Six Major Considerations for the Purchasing of Aluminum Windows and Doors

aluminum profile for door and window

1st, attention to a careful study of windows and doors sealing performance

According to the experts in the selection of aluminum doors warn owners pay particular attention to its sealing performance when choosing aluminum doors with mosaic glass, especially for hollow glass design of aluminum windows and doors products. Because if the door and window sealing is not good, it will lead to aluminum doors and windows hollow layer filth, seriously affecting the appearance. General aluminum windows and doors brand products use high-quality sealing tape, which will be receive all-round sealing treatment by advanced hot-pressing sealing technology. It  not only can effectively prevent the dust and water, but also improve the sound insulation.

2nd, aluminum windows and doors components

In addition, the component of aluminum door and window should be strong enough. Also, high-quality aluminum door and window components are required to use corrosion-resistant filling material to keep the connection airtight and waterproof.

3rd, aluminum windows and doors signs

Normally formal or production license of aluminum windows and doors manufacturers will mark the product logo in its obvious parts, marked information includes: manufacturer or trademark, product name, product type or mark, manufacture date or number. The packing box should have obvious words and signs like “moisture”, “handle with care” and “upward” etc.

4th, aluminum windows and doors prices

In general, high-quality aluminum doors and windows is equivalent to high production costs, which price is lower than the poor aluminum doors and windows by 30%. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers choose cut corners, like producing shoddy, which add the risk of products. We need to keep this in mind and choose standard products. Pay more attention to this information, so you can not be misled.

5th, aluminum windows and doors processing quality

High-quality aluminum windows and doors are finely processed, exquisitely welded, especially the smooth in some of the stitching. The poor quality aluminum windows and doors, blindly select series and specifications and  processed shoddy. The door frames and other locations can not be spliced ​​flat, and sometimes even a larger gap appears. When purchasing, consumers should pay special attention checking welding defects, such as open welding, leakage welding and so on.

6th, aluminum windows and doors profiles

There should no depression or bulging in the surface of aluminum windows and doors profiles. The  wall thickness of main profile need to be thicker than 1.4mm.The same aluminum windows and doors profiles color should be consistent. If there exists color difference, it is not appropriate to buy. Avoid opening the surface of the bubble (white spots) and ash (black spots), and cracks, burrs, from the skin and other obvious defects in the profile. Oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. Scratch the surface to see whether the surface of the oxide film can be wiped when purchasing.

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